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Khalil Halilu – The industrialist creating a foundation for Nigerian entrepreneurs to thrive and compete globally

When it comes to creating opportunities for the up-and-coming entrepreneurs in Nigeria and across the African continent, it goes without saying that there is room for ample improvement in every sector of business.

#FeatureByKhalilHalilu – Quite understandably, self-made entrepreneurs are emerging in every sector and breaking their ways through the challenges that are faced generally and those posed simply by restrictions attached to their locations.

According to Entrepreneur Africa, starting a business in an African state; Nigeria for instance, already sets you behind by about 31% and about 65% of businesses fold up within the first 5 years of starting out. This can be traced back to several restrictions, and the lack of easy access to required resources.

This is why a lot more economic-conscious industrialists have been encouraged to step up and be counted in the mission to give African entrepreneurs a boost as they take up the challenge to compete globally.

This call is constantly made by none other than one of the Industrialists doing everything possible to give African business owners all the support, the avenue, and the push they need to thrive. Beyond his loads of accomplishments in the tech space, Khalil Halilu is leveraging his foundation – The KSH Foundation to partner with, and support Nigerian entrepreneurs.

Millions of Nigerians are late bloomers, primarily on account of being exposed to opportunities much later in life, and this is a gap that Khalil Halilu’s KSH Foundation seeks to pull the plug on.

Founded by the renowned techpreneur Khalil Halilu, the KSH Foundation is one of the few non-profit organisations seeking to leverage technology to give entrepreneurship across Africa effective support, and a full-blown platform to assist its role in all-round development. Khalil Halilu has been one of the confidently audible thought leaders who always show constant support at every given opportunity for youth empowerment.

He has particularly gone out of his way to see the creation of relevant avenues for the emergence of global players from the Nigerian scene. Through tech, which has made the world a small digital village, Khalil Halilu is very optimistic that in the nearest future, with adequate support and genuine encouragement, there will be outstanding innovation in the current crop of Nigerian youth.

The use of technology in our everyday life is imperative and its implementation and adoption in relation to policies and programs benefit individuals, ideologies as well as societies. With this, the KSH foundation has made it known that it aims at providing enablers in the form of mentorship, technical/intrapersonal assistance, and funding to young Nigerians who are driven to innovation in tech-related fields whilst helping create products and services with significant impact on development in Nigeria.

The end goal is to create relevant solutions that will blaze a trail. While the foundation believes in equity, it is also aware of the social challenges faced by women and as such, focuses most of its programs on women.

This is in order to bridge the gender gap in industries like tech, finance, and some other male-dominated industries. The girl-child is not to be seen as one without significant contribution in these fields, and Khalil Halilu has made that crystal clear time and again.

A lot of cultural biases, gender gaps, and sentimental approaches must be set aside, if truly we must change the narrative and disrupt the status quo as a country. It is the KSH Foundation’s dream that Africa will one day pride herself on the inventions of her children; hence, Khalil Halilu as the head of the foundation will constantly continue to spearhead the provision of adequate support and encouragement to foster outstanding innovation in the youth.

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