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Khalil Halilu: Breaking boundaries and redefining youth empowerment through tech

The youth sector of any society is its backbone and for any significant progress to be made in that society, the youth must be catered for, attended to, and duly empowered. In the words of the first Black American President – Barack Obama, “the world belongs to young people with education, and the imagination to create”.

This is why over the past few decades, a lot of empowerment schemes have been launched, especially in Africa, where some problems are peculiar, and the majority of the population is underserved. Change the mind of youth to expand their mind’s capacity and to grow, and you have just created a positive ripple effect that can go way beyond what you can ever imagine.

One of the thought leaders who has expressly stated his passion and burning desire for youth empowerment is Khalil Haliliu. Born October 29, 1990, in Kano, Khalil Halilu has grown to become one of the notable business enthusiasts using innovative tech solutions to improve and create practical solutions for Nigerians and Sub-Saharan Africa at large.

Youth Empowerment is one of the causes that are really dear to the heart of the founder of the first eco-friendly tech hub in the whole of West Africa – The CANs NG, located in Maitama Amusement Park, Abuja. It’s no wonder that he set up the KSH Foundation to bridge the gap between the youth’s desire to become functional members of society and the access to opportunities, resources, avenues, and connections that will make these desires come true.

Millions of Nigerians are late bloomers, primarily on account of being exposed to opportunities much later in life and the KSH Foundation seeks to address this. Renowned techpreneur, Khalil Halilu, founded the KSH Foundation as a non-profit organisation that leverages technology and entrepreneurship to empower the Nigerian youth who would in turn create innovative products and services that would also cause a 360-degrees development across several industries and sectors.

With strategic partnerships, a visionary approach, and a mindset shift, the KSH Foundation has tasked herself with constantly supporting and encouraging outstanding innovation among youths. Khalil Halilu has himself leveraged technology to provide amazing solutions in several sectors and has in every right, inspired several young innovators to take up the challenge of leveraging tech to create a positive change in society.

He is the founder of ShapShap on-demand delivery, the first online commodity marketplace in the whole of Africa, Zabe election monitoring system – the app that has gathered a lot of recommendations for playing its part in instigating election transparency and responsibility.

He is also the founder of the Centre for Civic, Citizen’s Welfare and Community Development (CWCD Africa), he joined Gongoni Company Limited and its sister company, Scirocco international limited as Chief operating officer in 2010. However, away from all of his huge records and achievements, Khalil Halilu is super-invested in grooming a new generation of Nigerian youth with entrepreneurial prowess, innovative thinking ability, and a thirst for economic development.

The KSH Foundation is redefining youth empowerment whilst also focusing on gender equality to the advantage of the girl-child. For Khalil, progress doesn’t just end with the present but should encompass the future and with a clear progression path for the KSH Foundation, one can only expect big things from up-and-coming Nigerian entrepreneurs with the determined mindset to compete on a global level.

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