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Leveraging Technology To Close Social Gaps In Africa

“The development of the young is a crucial component to the prosperity of a nation and should be encouraged 

and supported. Africa needs homegrown technology to succeed, hence the solution of Africa lies in herself”

 – Khalil Halilu

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About us

Millions of young Africans are late bloomers, primarily on account of being exposed to opportunities much later in life and this is a gap the Foundation seeks to pull the plug on.

The use of technology in our everyday life is imperative and its implementation and adoption in relation to policies and programs benefit individuals, ideologies as well as societies. KSH foundation Founded by techpreneur Khalil Halilu, is a non-profit organization aiming at providing enablers in the form of mentorship, technical/intrapersonal assistance, and funding to young Africans who are driven to innovation in tech-related fields whilst helping create products and services with significant impact on development in Africa.

With the dream that Africa will one day pride herself on the inventions of her children, the Foundation will constantly support and encourage outstanding innovation in the youth.


To constantly support and encourage outstanding innovation in the youths.


A day Africa prides herself on the inventions of her children.

Program brief
Every Girl

EveryGirl is an annual program within the foundation designed specifically for young women entrepreneurs between the ages of 15-19 with an interest in tech and tech-related fields, as well as innovative and sustainable ideas. It desires to equip these fellows with the necessary tools in the form of training sessions, mentorship, and seed funding to scale their ideas.



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Every Girl

Young girls within the ages of 15-19. 

The benefits range from training or lectures in tech-related courses as well as mentorship and funding for project ideas. 

No, the program will work with a network of institutions and hubs across the six geo-political zones, which will nominate individuals with interest in the tech industry.

You can email your proposal or enquiry to admin@khalilhalilu.com or send us a message on our social media @ksh foundation. 


Dear Therapy

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Program brief Dear Therapy

Dear Therapy is a free day’s virtual therapy session for young kids and parents. To help kids lead mentally healthy and fruitful lives as well as reorient parents on the benefit of therapy for the mental health of their kids and themselves alike, Dear Therapy leverages technology to provide access to renowned psychologists and safe spaces to acquire the necessary skills and resources relevant for survival.


Dear Therapy

Yes, a registration link will be made available which will give participants access to a zoom link to join the program. 

Kindly click on the registration link, fill out your details and then add it to your calendar for the reminder.

Dear Therapy works with expert and experienced psychologists who are bound by the client confidentiality

Parents and kids. Kids within the age bracket of 9-19 years.

We hope parents will see the benefit of therapy after the program and further enroll their kids in more sessions. 

Program brief KSH Foundation & Founder Institute(FI) Sponsorship

The founder Institiute is the world’s most proven network to turn ideas into fundable startups, and startups into global businesses. Since 2009, the Founders institute structured accelerator programs have helped over 6,500 entrepreneurs raise over $1.75BN in funding. Based in Silicon Valley and with chapters across 95 countries, their mission is to empower communities of talented and motivated people to build impactful technology companies worldwide.

Seeing how the vision of the foundation fits into the goals of the institute and the opportunities available to startups, KSH foundation is in partnership with the Founder Institute to encourage young Africans to take advantage of the opportunities it offers



KSH Foundation & Founder Institute(FI) Sponsorship

Kindly register for the FI cohort program and go through the 4 months program.

The sponsorship is given to the Two best graduating students of the program. The best Graduating student gets their course fee($399) reimbursed and receives Business advisory for their startup. The second Best graduating student gets Business advisory for their startup.

No. It runs through all the cohorts in a year.



Adolescents are growing up in a significantly different environment now than they were five to ten years ago. They’re affectionately known as digital natives, which means they easily pick up on digital trends and love the constant sharing made possible by modern networks.

The KSH foundation has created a new initiative called TechBOX, a competition intended to inspire young adults who are tech-savvy and encourage them to compete and be recognized for their outstanding performance in a variety of tech activities. TechBOX is committed to helping young people have a deeper understanding of the history and ramifications of technology, as well as a greater sense of responsibility and respect for what’s possible in today’s world.

We Are On A Mission


About khalil Halilu

Today khalil is linking his love for technology with his enthusiasm for finding viable solutions in his field of activity. his determination, dedication and hard work has not simply added quality to humankind but also transformed the narrative of automation on the african continent.

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