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Alheri Habila; Our Tenacious Fellow

“The most fascinating thing about technology for me is its practicality, it makes it easy to understand and adopt. Then there’s how it just makes the world easier, imagine a world without smartphones?”

Alheri Habila is a small business owner, who deals in branded shirts. She is a tech enthusiast, and a hands-on person, knowledgeable on how to build simple gadgets like power banks, door alarms, and rechargeable lights. Alheri hails from Yelwa Kagadama, Bauchi State, is the last child of her late mother, and aspires to be an engineer. 

Photo: Alheri Habila

“It’s been challenging trying to figure out what part of tech I want as my focus area. But I trust and know that I will get one soon.” 

Alheri was the last fellow to arrive in Abuja for the immersion phase of the EveryGirl program, as a result of the travel discrepancies. Unfortunately, she had to spend the night at the airport while trying to ensure she did not miss her flight regardless. Alheri was tenacious and showed courage throughout the whole process, refusing the option of giving up on the trip, and was very certain that everything would work out. With this, we do not worry when she says she will find her tech focus soon. 

“I am very hopeful about my tech career because of the mentors I have around me. I know they will continue to guide me whenever I feel stuck.”

Alheri Habila was a fellow of the EveryGirl program hosted by the KSH Foundation – a program aimed at empowering, enabling, and introducing young women to technology.

What was EveryGirl’s impact on your personal and professional life?

The Everygirl program has had a significant impact on my life. The self-esteem session taught me a lot about confidence and it helped me build my self-esteem. The business module canvas taught me a lot about how to start and manage a business. This came in very handy when I started my branding business. The program also propelled me to find ways of impacting the lives of girls around me and help them do better.

An experience or moment in the EveryGirl program you hold on to?

My best moment? Every moment was great, but the departure day stands out exceptionally for me. It was the 3rd of July, at the airport when I received the news of the demise of my Mom. I couldn’t contain myself, I didn’t know what to do. I had to leave regardless, I had to go home.  When the EveryGirl team was about to leave the airport, the photographer said to me “Alheri you are a strong woman” and those words, felt very refreshing. I felt strong and comforted. Those words sustained me throughout my journey from Abuja to Bauchi.

Up until this day, whenever I feel lost, I remember and I feel calm. Thanks to the photographer. Again, all the moments were really fun and had a great impact on me.

An advice you’ll give to a younger version of yourself and one that your older self still finds to be very useful

They say to learn something new wherever you go, I say learn something positive from every experience. 

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