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Aisha Tijjani; Our Visionary Fellow

“As a child, I wanted to be a pilot. I was fascinated by their dresses and how opportune they were to visit and see different parts of the world. I guess this was also what drew me to tech; the convenience of exploring the world from the tip of your fingers.”

Photo: Aisha Tijjani

Aisha is a dreamer. She has multiple dreams and is not afraid to go after them. She believes that anything is possible if you set your mind to it. Aside from her tech career as a Software Developer, Aisha runs community outreach in public schools; educating young girls on the opportunities internet connectivity and adoption provides in terms of further learning. She is a business administration undergraduate at Bayero University, Kano with plans to start her fashion line sometime in the future. Aisha is a native of Kano state. 

“I love taking leisurely walks and cooking for my family. I enjoy engaging with kids in my community, going to the community primary school to check on how the kids are doing with school

Aisha strongly believes in making hobbies as she finds that they contribute positively to one’s well-being and provide personal fulfillment and grounding in community inclusion for societal change. 

“I struggled a lot with lack of confidence. It was frightening and almost impossible to speak on stage or in public. I was so grateful for the mental health and self-confidence class EveryGirl offered.”

It sure is a privilege to witness Aisha’s journey from self-doubt to self-confidence, making moves that require public speaking and chasing after her dreams whilst trusting her capabilities. 

Aisha Tijjani was a fellow of the EveryGirl program hosted by the KSH Foundation. A program aimed at empowering, enabling, and introducing young women to technology.

An experience or moment in the EveryGirl program you hold on to?

One of my favorite experiences with EveryGirl was the virtual mentorship workshop that happened after the conclusion of EveryGirl. It was amazing to meet so many other women and men who were just as passionate about tech as I am and to hear about their experiences and insights. I remember feeling so inspired and empowered by the end of the event, and I also loved the sense of community that I felt at the event.

An advice you’ll give to a younger version of yourself and one that your older self still finds to be very useful?

I would say, number one, constantly learn and grow. The world is ever-changing, and it’s important to stay up-to-date. Two, build strong relationships, networking and collaboration are key to success in tech. I’ve found that some of my biggest breakthroughs have come from working with others. Finally, be resilient in the way you go after your dreams. You can achieve anything you set your mind to.

Describe a perfect day for you

There’s one day I’ve had that I can describe as perfect. It was a sunny day and I spent it at a capacity-building training which was fun. We shared experiences, ate, played a game called (Khoot), and networked. It was a laughter, joy, and love-filled day. 

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