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Aisha Daodu; the Enterprising One

“A significant experience for me was pitching my idea to an audience for the first time in my life. It was nervewracking and exhilarating.”

Aisha Daudo very easily leaves an impression. During her time in the EveryGirl program virtual class days, her absence never went unnoticed. She offered her thoughts and ideas enthusiastically and was never hesitant about asking questions. It was, therefore, an expected wonder her admission to Kibo School of Technology for a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, while simultaneously chasing her undergraduate degree in Animal production and health from the Federal University of Agriculture Abeokuta. A testament to her passion and interest in making a career in technology. 

Photo: Aisha Daodu

“Technology is advancing at an unprecedented pace, whether you are on the creative or supportive side of tech, technology constantly exposes you to new developments and concepts. Knowing that I can be part of shaping the future and making a positive impact through technology fuels my optimism.”

Aisha Daodu hails from Lagos state, Nigeria, the land of opportunity and a potentially contributing factor to her I-can-do-it mindset. She is a graduate of AboCoders Academy and currently interns at Grais, a design and tech company.

“My tech journey has been hard and overwhelming. I was always scared of acknowledging my efforts or showing my work to anyone. A stepping stone to change was the self-confidence and self-esteem course we took in the EveryGirl program. I learned how to appreciate myself and my hard work and embraced a growth mindset. In this ever-changing world of life and technology, an adaptive and positive mindset will enable you to navigate through life’s uncertainties.”

Aisha’s goal is to become a Full-stack Developer and a Senior Product Developer and to leave an impact in her community and Nigeria. 

Aisha Daodu was a fellow of the EveryGirl program hosted by the KSH Foundation. A program aimed at empowering, enabling, and introducing young women to technology.

An experience or moment in the EveryGirl program you hold on to?

I hold on to the entire journey. From the moment I boarded my first flight to meeting my fellow participants and facilitators, every moment was filled with excitement and discovery. We were taken to various places where we had the opportunity to learn firsthand, how things work. It was eye-opening and enriching. One standout moment was when I had the chance to speak with the founder of the KSH Foundation. His passion and vision were very contagious, motivating me to pursue my dreams with determination and purpose. There were countless memorable moments throughout the EveryGirl program, each of which contributed to an overall experience that I am truly grateful for. EveryGirl provided me with invaluable knowledge, personal growth, and cherished memories that will stay with me for a lifetime.

What was EveryGirl’s impact on your personal and professional life?

EveryGirl has had a profound impact on my personal and professional life, it was more than an educational program. I remember engaging in games, enjoying a memorable karaoke night, and indulging in delicious intercontinental dishes. Also, being paired with a mentor has provided me invaluable guidance and support. My mentor has helped me make meaningful decisions in both my career and personal life, sharing their experiences and offering insight. These experiences have fostered personal growth, connected me with a supportive community, and left lasting connections.

Have you ever had a day you refer to it as a perfect day? Describe that day.

There was this day when I had an assignment on Data Structures and Algorithm due soon, it stands out in my memory. I had been struggling to debug my code throughout the day. Feeling frustrated and doubtful, I decided to give it one last try in the late hours of the night, and to my delight, everything fell into place. The code finally worked flawlessly and passed all the tests. I was so happy. It was a moment of relief and triumph

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